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Monday, 13 March 2017

AIB releases final report on Dana plane crash (Read full details)

Director of Operations, Captain Dayyabu Raka (left); Chief Executive Officer, Akin Olateru; Director of Engineering, Mohammed Wali, all of the Accident Investigations Bureau (AIB) during the presentation of reports  of the 2012 Dana Air crash and other air accidents in Ikeja, Lagos… yesterday.

• Faults N16m operational vote for 2017
Almost five years on, the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) yesterday released the final report on the June 3, 2012 Dana Air mishap in the Iju-Ishaga suburbs of Lagos State.

According to the document, engine failure and poor judgment of the pilots were instrumental to the unfortunate incident which claimed all 153 passengers, six crewmembers and six others aground.

The ill-fated aircraft from Abuja, according to AIB, lost the first engine 17 minutes into the flight before the second packed up five minutes to landing.

Also yesterday, the bureau faulted the N16 million vote captured in the 2017 budget for the investigation of crashes this fiscal year. Though it is to spend N2 billion in the entire 12 months.

The Chief Executive Officer of AIB, Akin Olateru, noted in Lagos that “engine number one lost power 17 minutes into the flight, and thereafter on final approach, engine number two failed to respond to throttle movement on demand for increased power to sustain the aircraft in its flight configuration.”

He added: “The inappropriate omission of the use of the checklist and the crew’s inability to appreciate the severity of the power-related problem, and their subsequent failure to land at the nearest suitable airfield, also contributed to the crash.”

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