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Monday, 13 March 2017

Atta Igala warns against roadside trading and it’s consequences

PHOTO: Juju Films

The Ata of Igala HRM Idakwo Micheal Ameoboni 11 has challenged market women in Kogi State who specialize in using the shoulders of major highways as their market square to desist to avoid the calamity from articulated vehicles that may loose control as a result of brake failure.

The Royal father who was speaking against the background of lack of adherence to planning laws during a stakeholders meeting and consultation on environmental concerns across Idah Federal constituency said prevention is better that cure.

“We should strictly adhere to planning laws, we have abandoned planning laws, that is why as you approach Itobe the market has moved to the road until the trailer will come and level some human beings before we would be conscious that the market should be transferred inside.

“On the road people put Mortars to pound yam and travelers gleefully stop by the road and start eating. In Lokoja you go to Nataco both left and right by the road is the population of akara sellers and other vendors of foods, it does not speak well of us. “

He recalled when a trailer ran into the market after Kogi Polytechnic in Lokoja when many innocent people looking for their daily bread lost their lives.

“In our case here in Idah if you go to Ega market on a typical market day you will see that the central position in the market can be used to organize a football match and they can play football there because it is empty, they moved to the road where they can be knocked down by vehicles.”

He said people disobey the laws that have kept them for some time.

He warned on the consequences of deforestation should people continue with illegal activities that will continue to cause degradation.
According to him the consequences of such degradation would lead to less food production and less rainfall.

He advised Government to go back to the basics of having nurseries in all the local Governments of the State to raise seedlings of hardwood trees that are almost going into extinction.

He decried the situation where the environment and natural resources have been neglected at the detriment of the people’s lives.

“We should return to the old days when local Government plant nurseries, the one in Idah was in Ede, but we abandoned them for no reason so I am sure we are ready for their revival because most of our forest reserves have been depleted by motor saw wielding merchants.”

The Royal father warned that should the people continue in the same direction the place would be turned to a desert.

The Atta used the iroko tree in his palace as a standard saying in the forest, Iroko and other hard woods have already gone into extinct.

“The commissioner should quickly embark on afforestation. The nursery should be set up at all the local Government so that the hard woods like iroko, Timber can still come back, if there is enough rain they will grow so we establish that.”

“In advanced countries Afforestation is a continuous process because we have enough Forest and we decide to cut it down it will not help so we should look inwards and creat the nurseries in all the local Governments.”

Vía The Guardian Nigeria

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