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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Cleric recommends Qur’an as solution for societal ills

Muslims need to be well grounded in the understanding of the noble Quran and the tradition of the holy prophet in order to correct present-day challenges in the society.

The Director of Right Part Arabic Institute, Ustaz Yunus Al-Imam said, there was need for Muslims to be well grounded in the understanding of the noble Quran and the tradition of the holy prophet in order to correct recent challenges of corrupt and imoral society.

He made this statement at the pre-event conference held recently in Lagos as prelude to the inaugural passing out ceremony slated for March 26 for students in advance Arabic language course.

Ustaz Yunus said that for Muslims to be well grounded in the practise of Islam, it requires some fundamentals which he identified as learning and comprehensive understanding the noble Qur’an and the traditions of the prophet.

He added that, “to be able to read the Qur’an and understand what has been read aid in no small measure the practise of Islam. Basically, it is required of all Muslims to understand the words of God to be able to worship Him as He is to be worshipped. Therefore, for us at Right Path Arabic Institute, teaching and understanding Arabic language is one of our core objectives because it is an essential for learning and understanding the Qur’an and the tradition of prophet.”

Speaking on how the Qur’an and hadith could be used to correct societal ills, Ustaz Yunus said, “The Qur’an and traditions of the prophet are books of wisdom therefore for any one that learn and understands it; such person cannot but impact positively on his community. It promotes internal and communal peace. It is encyclopaedia and manuals for all Muslims who desire not only worldly bliss but also rewarding hereafter. Therefore, to perfect our Islam, it is required for us to learn, understand and act the Qur’an and the hadiths and these are our aims at the Right Path Institutes.”

Yunus lamented over inadequate funding of dawah projects and ill-feelings of haters of Islam as factors hindering dawah activities. “Over the years, through our qualitative teachings, we have been able to mould characters and inculcate Islamic values in over 300 people since the inception of the institute in 2012. But the challenges we are facing are not peculiar to us as dawah propagators. Importantly, it is about getting adequate funding for our activities. For us, imparting knowledge is more important to us than profiting from our students.

“Another challenge the institution is battling is securing a permanent site for dawah activities. There has been a lot of hues and cries from sycophants and haters of religion of peace who have been trying unsuccessfully to get us out of our present location. But thank God for the support we have been enjoying from the Muslim community who stood its ground and ensuring that dawah propagation continues unhindered”. The Director of the institute, solicit for support from all Nigerians to assist acquire a permanent site.

Vía The Guardian Nigeria

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