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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Intels denies sponsoring OGFZA Act amendment


CEO not sacked
Intels Nigeria Limited has described allegations that it was sponsoring the proposed Bill to amend the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority (OGFZA) Act as “ridiculous, preposterous and laughable”.

Media Consultant to Intels Nigeria Limited, Mr. Bolaji Akinola said those behind the allegation are “disgruntled elements” who are not interested in the advancement of the oil and gas sector.

“It is an insult on our Distinguished and Honourable members of the National Assembly for anyone or group to insinuate that they are being teleguided by a company to do their job. Nigeria is endowed with highly intelligent and patriotic lawmakers who have engaged themselves studiously to enact laws that will advance good governance and the nation’s economic well being. It is therefore totally wrong for anyone to suggest that they are doing the bidding of a corporate entity. It is a great insult,” Akinola said.

He said since public hearings are part of the process of lawmaking, those who are not happy with the proposed amendment should send their positions to the legislature.

“The desperation and guerilla tactics these few people have resorted to over the proposed OGFZA Bill amendment are uncalled for. They are at liberty to simply send their positions in support or against the amendment to the distinguished lawmakers rather than trying to disparage the lawmaking process or trying to discredit an innocent organisation that is fully occupied with making its contributions to the nation’s economic advancement,” Akinola said.

“As a law abiding corporate citizen of this country, we have submitted ourselves to regulation and will continue to cooperate fully with authorized government agencies. The question to ask is: why are those crying wolf where there is none, afraid of being regulated?” he said.

Akinola said contrary to “the fake news and speculations being sponsored by competitors”, Intels is not a monopoly.

He said, “We read just last week in the newspapers that OGFZA is planning to establish some other oil and gas free zones in other parts of the country. Isn’t that contrary to the monopolistic theory being bandied about by these people?”
He also said that at the Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone in Rivers State, “Intels is only one of over 170 companies in operation”.

Meanwhile, Akinola has denied reports that Intels CEO has been sacked.

“It is fake news. The CEO has not been sacked,” he added.

He advised journalists to cross-check their facts before rushing to the press to avoid misleading the public.

Vía The Guardian Nigeria

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