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Monday, 13 March 2017

Intermarc Consulting to hold 2017 CBN Cashless Card Expo Africa

Preparations are in top gear to host the annual CBN Cashless CardExpo Africa. According to Intermarc Consulting, the organizers of the African destination trade show for payment and allied Industry, the 17th edition of the event will aggregate the energies of this era and capture the waves of technology and lifestyles; also present an encompassing worldview for the emerging approaches to payment and enterprise.

The theme for this year is “Millennials in the Marketplace: Lifestyles riding on Disruptive Payment ” scheduled to hold from 13th – 15th June 2017 at Eko Hotel and Suites Victoria Island Lagos.

Millennial influence is a global phenomenon and figuring out millennials, has all the elements of a gold rush in the making. In addition to disrupting everything from how we work, to how we buy groceries, this demographic group is even now redefining how we do business.

Trailblazers’ and culture influencers in this category, whose lifestyle and choices are being mirrored by peer, will be given the platform to lead us into their disruptive turf , where banks and businesses can spy at evolving trends, observe the winning norms and adapt for change. This will prove crucial in the next several years, as young professionals represent both the future of enterprise and commerce in Africa.

Banks and other service providers who hope to leverage on the millennial dividend, should therefore be on the lookout for optimum strategies not only to connect with this monumental force , but also to influence their action for commercial interest to businesses.

CardExpo 2017, in line with continuing its tradition, presents a boutique of avenues to harvest the opportunities being offered in this demography, particularly in a peculiar economy like ours. Never in the history of the African Continent has technology and society had such a seamless relationship as we see it today as the activities of citizens, companies and governments continue to tilt towards untraditional approaches to solution.

Happening along with this bold inroad into the millennials demography are the collocated events happening simultaneously at CardExpo viz. The Start-Up Challenge which will give opportunity to millennials with Fintech ideas to pitch their solutions and stand a chance of being incubated at a national hub. Others include the Data fiesta an initiative promoting global connectivity and access to the internet and the IGR Forum all of whose Sponsors will be announced in due course.

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