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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Nigeria poultry and livestock expo holds March 23-25 in Lagos

By Ayodele Adeniran

Nigeria Poultry and Livestock Expo (NIPOLI), an international standard exhibition for the industry, holds for the first time in Lagos March 23-25, 2017.

According to a statement, “this event is a wide forum with valuable information about poultry industry, feed equipment, technology, breeders, egg farming, poultry nutrition, animal health and international standard poultry production. It also offers latest advances in poultry research, science and technology like cages and feed milling importance. It also offers advanced knowledge and understanding of poultry industry via scientific forums, trainings and career opportunities.

“The main aim of this exhibition is to help you to keep abreast of the latest developments and practice in the poultry and livestock management, health & nutrition, breeding and new techniques in feed manufacturing and production.

“Poultry and Livestock farming in Nigeria is a culmination of many years of innovation and ingenuity, in the face of tough circumstances. Moreover, today, the industry as a whole, with its enabling of low cost model with increased productivity, is a showcase of success like few, across the world. In the event, poultry and livestock farmers, breeding companies, integrators and animal health nutritionist can see the progress of their peers and review the usefulness of such procedures and practices for their national and international poultry productions.”

The statement added: “NIPOLI EXPO 2017 is a unique platform to display, developments and thinking for the improvement of the industry and also attract ample trading and investment opportunities.

“The emerging challenges in the production has created new pressures on the national industry, the fraternity fights everyday against, the irregularities in supply & pricing of raw materials and farm produce, the environmental challenges of manure disposal, the hardship of finding competent & regular farm help and the emergence of newer disease profiles. At the exhibition, visitors will find that African resourcefulness has taken up the cudgels and on display you will find a treasure trove of knowledge & techniques of international distinctiveness.

“Leading regional and international poultry industry experts will come together on single platform at Mimaya Exhibition & Events Centre to share their intelligence and experience to provide insights for those working in the many sectors of this vast industry, such as livestock feed manufactures, veterinary products & services, animal biotechnology / bio security, fishery nutrition / health products, poultry equipment manufactures, dairy farming equipment, poultry & cattle feed machinery, poultry & other animal breeders etc.

The expo features 60 exhibiting companies and spans more than 12,000 square feet, providing the opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas with 2,000 peers. Visitors would be able to interact with more than 15 foreign companies coming from 5 countries including India, China, Hungary, Jordan and Egypt.“NIPOLI EXPO is jointly organized by CEMS NIGERIA & UTEX INDIA.”

Vía The Guardian Nigeria

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