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Monday, 13 March 2017

ONSA restricts helicopter flights over Abuja

ABUJA— Office of National Security Adviser, ONSA, has banned helicopter ferry flight over Abuja metropolis for security reasons and urged aviation authorities to enforce the ban.
The ban, which came against the backdrop of some companies to introduce helicopter service for passengers, in the wake of the relocation of flights from Abuja, was issued to regulatory authorities through a memo.
It was learned that the memo was issued to the aviation authorities as a reminder of existing ”no fly zone.”
It was further gathered that any helicopter that must fly across the city must seek security clearance to do so.
“In view of the closure of the (Abuja) airport, air travellers will be required to travel by road/train to Abuja from Kaduna International Airport. This will undoubtedly cause constraints on the movement of some passengers who will aim to travel using other means, notably the use of commercial ferry helicopters.

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