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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Quentin Miller – Addy Ft Jace [Mp3 + Lyrics]

Quentin Miller has an eclectic style that diverges from the mainstream. On his latest effort “Addy,” the lyrical mastermind spits about his fondness for recreational drugs and bad women.Teaming up with Jace of Two-9 and producer Soundz, Miller almost slurs throughout the track, spitting drug-induced bars about a girl and addy, and how he intends to put his hands on both. He masks his voice with Auto-tune, lending an eerie feel to the song. It’s as if listeners themselves were under the influence.The drone-like production adds to the strange effect. Jace jumps on the track with aplomb, telling us about his girl and how they’re going to spend the night


Vía Uzomedia

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