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Sunday, 12 March 2017

SHOCKING: Mans Terrible Bald Hair Almost Ruined His Career

LAGOS NIGERIA- Study shows that over 20 Million Nigerian men are suffering from the embarrassing condition called “Bald Hair”.

But being the “Nigerian” men they are, they “pretend”  as if it’s not affecting their private lives.

This was the exact condition of one Mr Ademola Arowolo who used to think his Terrible Bald hair is NOT affecting his life but in reality, his “insignificant” Bald hair is affecting NOT  just his personal life, but also his Career life  in so many NEGATIVE ways he NEVER  imagined.

 In his words….

“The Day I Discovered How My Bald Hair Made Me Lose Millions of Naira in Contracts & Connection I Nearly Went Crazy”

“I work hard to provide a good home and build a solid business that will stand the test of time for my family.

I am an Property developer who deal in buying properties for clients home and abroad, I also persuade international based clients to either invest in property developments or buy any of the property our company have to provide, so I have to look presentable, and bold”

“But My Bald Hair is Not helping Matters As I Lose Clients Because I Am not Looking Vibrant!”

It all started when I had to close a Multi Million Naira deal with some international client of us which just came into the country to start a company, only for them to ditch the offer for another company’s deal all because of my ugly looking BALD hair!


Don’t Be….

How Did It Really Happened?

On a beautiful Monday morning, I rush out of my house, fully prepared to crush my opponent who also wants to pitch the international client an office space for their new company.

Unknown to me I never knew I was just deceiving myself.

So I got to the hotel we agreed to meet for presentation then both parties went on to do the presentation and pitch.

During my pitch I observed that my “proposed” client was just looking at me in a disgusting manner, what could it be?

Could it be my the way I spoke?

Could it Be  my terrible bald hair looked?

May be…

Then After the presentation they said they will get back to me soon.

But I hurriedly rushed to the nearest toilet to ease myself, then I overheard some argument among our so called “clients”.

I heard one saying…

“I don’t think buying a property by this mans company is a good idea, can’t you see how terrible his bald hair looks?”

Then another one interjected…

“If he can’t do something to his terrible looking bald hair, how sure are we that he will attend to us if any issue regarding the transaction comes up? ”

Then Jerry, one white man with pot belly also said…

He was not looking presentable; his is really ready for business? I think we should go for the other guy with good Afro hair; his property can look as he does!

This was when I knew that…..

                “Your Look Can make or Brake You!”

I almost broke down to tears and also felt like beating up these unprofessional business men, but you see, I can’t blame them, but rather I blame myself for not looking for a permanent solution to my terrible looking  bald hair wahala.

And that’s how I lost Millions of Naira in contract all because I had a terrible bald hair. 

After the show down by my lost clients, I discovered this bald hair have being doing more harm than good in my life, why?

  • My friends never wanted to hang out with me
  • My wife NEVER want to follow me out to ANY occasion, all because of my embarrassing bald hair.
  • I never hd no friends, and the all laugh at me all  thanks to my chronic bald hair
  • I also lost so many clients and offers all because I had terrible bald hair that seems to be be curable!

Dear reader, as you can see, My bald hair have caused me so much pain and sadness I had to seek for a working solution to my chronic bald hair matter.

And I really tried all sort of things that never worked for me.

I tried so many bald hair oil, herbal solutions and even tired to do a laser operation!

None of them seemed to work for me.

However a close friend of mine introduced to me a game changer which cures my annoying Bald hair.

An  100% Natural  Herbal  solution to my Bald Hair that finally helped me totally get rid of my totally chopped off hair that looked like it was eating RATS.

At first I was skeptical but  after  3 months I saw MASSIVE changes I never  imagined will happen .

Now I get my youthful look back, I feel 20 yrs younger because I have a full grown hair!

All thanks to my newly grown hair, I look so much younger and vibrant so I have clients who really want to work with me because I look bold and presentable.

“My Wife Laughed at Men When I Had a Terrible Bald Hair..After Using a Secret Japanese Solution, Who is Laughing Now?”

Now all my friends want to hang out with because I look much more younger because my annoying bald hair is all gone, all thanks to the secret hair loss solution I discovered 4 months ago.

If feel if it can work like JUJU for me, it will allow work far better on any serious Nigerian man or even woman alike.

        “Regrow your Bald Hair Today & Make People Love you More!”

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