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Monday, 13 March 2017

‘Why unemployment, poverty are rising’

Unemployed youth

A report by NOIPolls has linked the high level of unemployment and poverty in the country to the spate of kidnappings cases.

The report also listed greed and quest for quick money and lack of fear of God among others as other factors influencing involvement in kidnappings.

According to the report: “Unemployment (34 per cent) and poverty (27 per cent) have been identified as the two main reasons for the increased spate of this crime, as the perpetrators may go into this due to their poor economic situation, hence, the need for creation of more employment opportunities, especially for the youths, who will help in the fight against crime in the country.”

To reduce the rate of kidnapping in the country, it said there was need for more governmental involvement, stakeholder interventions and proper education, urging government to increase its support more on security and jobs creation for youths.

In his reaction to the findings, the Chairman of Lagos state chapter of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Idowu Adelakan, blamed festering of criminality in the country on the rising joblessness amongst the youth.

According to him: “Kidnapping are done by youths who are agile and strong enough as result of lack unemployment in the country and the government is not helping matters at instead keep worsen things with policies day by day.

“There is an edge that says a idle hand is the devils workshop and that why there is daily increase in poverty, arm robbing and kidnapping,”

He said government’s agenda for job creation in 2017 would suffer setback if the trend continues.

Vía The Guardian Nigeria

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