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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Yabatech Mass comm students organise photo exhibition

Dr. Taiwo Oyelola ( left) congratulating Mrs Funke Adesanya, Mr Olufemi Olagoke, at the Yabatech photo exhibition.

So much is working for Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) this year. The staff school is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The College itself is getting set for its 70th anniversary.

Perhaps the air of celebration around the campus compelled two of the lecturers in Mass Communication, Mrs. Funke Adesanya and Mr. Olufemi Olagoke, to rally the students to stage an exhibition tagged, “Recession: Help is Near.”

With 64 pieces on surrealism the students, like prophets, reassured Nigerians that recession was not entirely a bad thing but a guide to bring out the creativity in them. This was why the Rector, Dr. Margaret Kudirat Ladipo, said she believed that the future of the country was on sound footing, going by the leverage displayed by youngsters from the college and other technical institutions in the country.

According to her, “It has been said elsewhere that out of babes mouth shall words of liberation began to be spoken. Today, these students are by dint of hard work and display of talents showing the nation, ways out of economic quagmire, and beyond, that no condition is permanent. It is a hope well confessed and which I hope the whole country would imbibe so that collectively, we can rescue our economy from import dependence and mono-cultural tendencies by embracing creativity.”

The Rector, represented by the Deputy Rector (ACAD), Dr. Taiwo Oyelola insisted that skills development is the in-thing the world over and enjoined Nigerians to join the throng.

“Current realities have shown that paper certificate is as worthless as a paper tiger, and as the students themselves have proven through their messages and images, Nigerians should be ready to explore innate abilities fine tuned by superior knowledge.”

Ladipo challenged other departments and schools within the College to emulate the Mass Communication Department by showcasing their students’ productivity as a way of motivating these students to compete creatively among themselves positively.

The exhibition, displayed works by both the full time and part time students and was attended by the College Registrar, and top officials of the institution.
The Deputy Rector (ACAD), Dr. Taiwo Oyelola signing the visitors’ Register
Dr. Oyelola congratulating Mrs. Funke Adesanya. Standing far right is Mr. Adefemi Adegoke

Vía The Guardian Nigeria

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