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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Unbelievable! Young Man Slaughters His Mother, Rips Out Her Intestines Because She Didn’t Give Him Food (Photos+Video)


A Facebook user identified as Zevi Gins, has taken to the social networking site and posted some shoking video and photos of a man who just slaughtered his own mother because she insulted him and didn’t give him food on time.

Below is how the poster reported the story on social media;


“End time! End time!! End time!!! “Son killed his Mother or Father is not a news again but I didn’t see it, I taught we are just watched it in a film
“A terrible thing and unbelievable,
“Why a Son will told his Mother that give me food I want to eat and killed his mother slaughtered her and stabbed her to death
“This one is not a story at all, I went there and confirmed it, because the place closed to my place, this is what happened in our area yesterday at ADELEYE


“Around 3:45pm I got a called that I should come that there’s fire on the mountain in our area, when I got there by 4:10pm I saw the incident saw the woman and Son,

“There’s a Yoruba proverb says “TI OMODE BA DE IBI ERU ERU MA BA” and another one says “TI ENIYAN BA JE ORI AHUN TI O BA DE IBE YIO SOKUN”

“I don’t want to mention his name. Many people are asked that the man is mad person, or what is wrong with him?

“Well… We have hand over him to police. The son is at custody of police at Itele police post since yesterday and they have taken the copse to mortuary. This is some of pictures and video.”

Watch the video of the man’s confession and the woman extremely graphic photos below;



Click here to watch the video

Vía Uzomedia

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