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Monday, 6 March 2017

Protest over Federal govt 2017- 2018 scholarship

FOLLOWING an advert by the Ministry of  Education on the 2017 – 2018 Scholarship Award Schemes based on the bilateral agreement Nigeria has with other countries, my daughter applied for consideration.

Lagos candidates were directed by the advertisement to seat for interview at a Science Secondary School Ibadan in Oyo State. On the 14th of February at 6.00a. m. I left Lagos.with my daughter to the venue for the interview scheduled for  9.00 a.m.

We got to the venue by 8.25 a.m. and immediately she went into the hall to sign the attendance sheet. As my daughter was writing her name, an official from Lagos State on seeing the surname asked her to stop writing. And  said: “You are not Yoruba’, sorry, where are you from?” My daughter replied, from Lagos. The officer said: “oh no, I mean what is your state of origin?” My daughter answered Ebonyi State.


The officer then informed her that the Centre was only  for indigenes from Western Nigeria. She subsequently advised her to go to Abakaliki for the scholarship interview.

I then showed the officer the birth Certi-ficate of my daughter from Kosofe local Government, Lagos state, my Electronic Tax card and evidence that we reside in Lagos.

The officer simply said: ‘Oga sorry, go to your State with your daughter for the interview. Nine other applicants were treated in this way. I just felt sad for the youths who are expected to become leaders of tomorrow in a one Nigeria.

I asked, for a Federal government Scholarship Scheme, which is not Lagos state Scholarship Scheme? And the officer said that it was the procedure.

I left Ibadan at 8.55 a.m. for Lagos. By 5.45 p.m. on that same day, 14/2/2017, I tuned to a radio station – 97.3 FM for its news reviews and analysis, NRA, programme and narrated my ordeal. The presenter Chiko & crew after listening to me advised that I get a lawyer to pursue the matter.




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