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Monday, 6 March 2017

Media agency gets 11th most creative, innovative award

Omnicom Media Group’s Agency OMD was recently awarded the most Creative, Innovative and Effective Agency Network of the Year for the 11th consecutive time by the Gunn Report for Media, the industry standard for evaluating media creativity.

The criteria of selection consider the agency’s overall performance from January to December 2016 based on the results of global, regional and national Media creative award contests spanning over 40 markets in the world. Most importantly, it recognizes the vital role media agencies play in today’s highly competitive and fragmented media landscape.

In addition to OMD leading the list with 632 points, PHD (again an Omnicom Media Group) ranked number three, moving up one rank with 476 points. OMD and PHDs top ranking reflects recognition earned in 2016 by agencies in every region across its network.

Commenting on the findings, editor of the Gunn Report for Media, Isabelle Musnik said, media agencies had become their clients key strategic partners. “They are creative orchestra conductors” at the intersection of technology and traditional media. The Gunn Report for Media shows that, while technology and data are fundamental to achieving results, insight, strategy and innovative ideas are essential to delivering them.

“2016 marked the year of data, mobile-only, apps, programmatic advertising and vertical video, to name a few. OMD is therefore proud to have continued to produce the most creative, innovative and effective work in the world for our clients, not only pushing the boundaries of innovation but delivering strong business results for our clients,” she added.

According to Regional Managing Director, mediaReach OMD, Tolu Ogunkoya, “Our global culture cascades to local markets, with many local initiatives. We encourage our teams to produce works that deliver on objectives and help overcome Business Challenges.”

Vía The Guardian Nigeria

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